Teknik Gambar

Teknik untuk menjadi jurugambar yang baik.

  • Perspective : The key to capturing creative images in your photography is to shoot your subject from different perspectives.  Layne Kennedy demonstrates two different ways in which he captured an afternoon in a busy metropolitan city.  He’ll shoot a low perspective image of the hussle and bussle of noon hour foot traffic and then change perspectives by shooting pedestrians walking through the skyways above busy city streets by capturing their silhouettes.  Both provide two different unique ways of capturing the busy downtown life from different perspectives.
  • Portrait: Close-up (CU)
  • Portrait: Medium Close-up (MCU) : Close-up of one or two (sometimes three) characters, generally framing the shoulders or chest and the head. The term can also be used when the camera frames the character(s) from the waist up (or down), provided the character is right to the forefront and fills the frame, (otherwise this type of shot is a medium shot). An MCU of two or three characters can indicate
    • a coming together
    • an intimacy
    • a certain solidarity.
    Conversely, if there is a series of two and one shots, these MCUs would suggest a complicity between two people against a third who is visually separate in another shot.
  • Long Shot (LS): Subject or characters are at some distance from the camera; they are seen in full within their surrounding environment.
  • Establish Shot (ES)
  • Panning
  • Point of view
  • Product Launching
  • Reshoot photo
  • Fast shot
  • Low shot
  • Low & high angle

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